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  • ✓ 30 Min. Live Meeting
  • ✓ Analysis and evaluation
  • ✓ Recommendations for action

Do you know it too? You want to achieve more, but you don't know where to start. My SEO audit is a solution for you in exactly this situation! We look over your website together in a live meeting and note down the most important points so that you become more successful.



Recommendation for action for the most important points that quickly bring success.



Many years of experience and proven methods will help you.



Save time and money! Benefit from expert knowledge directly in the conversation.



Imagine having a strategy at your fingertips and being able to take immediate action to increase sales or reduce costs. What I do:

  • Audit
  • Analyses
  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Content
  • Backlinks

SEO support

In the initial consultation, we record the current state of your website in the search engines. We also talk about your goals and budget, to which I can then tailor your individual SEO consultation and make you an offer.

In the SEO audit, I carry out a technical analysis of the website with professional SEO tools. The obstacles discovered with the tool are prioritised for elimination and described in detail. Tickets can be created directly in the tool and implemented by your IT or, if necessary, by my development team.

In the first workshop, which usually lasts 4 hours, I get to know your products and services in more detail, as well as the processes involved. Together we go through the numbers in Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads and other tools. The goal of the workshop is to determine the key figures for the website, which consist of keyword, business impact (profit/sales/branding), url, rankings and authority.

With the data from the website, I will now make a SEO analysis of the search terms, positions and the degree of difficulty. This will then result in a list of values that will be used for prioritisation.

In the SEO strategy, I present the individual measures and what exactly needs to be done. It's about changes to the structure, content and of course how to get more backlinks. Of course, the SEO strategy also includes what we need in terms of investment and what I expect.

In the conception phase, the measures become more concrete and all the materials and resources needed for this are planned. As an SEO agency, our goal is to cast your site into a structure that is optimal for search engines, but also for the user.

Now the SEO landing pages are created, technical obstacles are removed and the backlinks are built. For this, my team of web developers, copywriters and link builders are at your side and take over the tasks partially or completely. The optimisation of the website is a continuous process in which the keywords on the pages are also optimised in the long tail area.

The evaluation of the measures shows me whether we are on the right track and whether further search terms can be added to a group if necessary. A regular website check with our SEO auditer is compiled inside as a report.

Your advantages

Your benefit consists of a well-plannable, stress-free, safe and, above all, time-saving counselling that provides you with sustainable success.


Control search engine optimisation in a plannable way with calculable utilisation for the entire company and its divisions.


Contractual assurance of deliverables, outcomes and costs, as well as overarching NDA's with all parties.


Sit back and control your ranking! Thanks to a fully comprehensive support service, you are in the best of hands.

Time saving

Through many years of experience as a consultant, you avoid mistakes and thus save money and also time.

About me

My name is Dennis Hoinkis, I have been working as a SEO freelancer, web developer and marketing consultant since 1998 and have already successfully set up several agencies in Germany. I currently live in Cyprus and run GLOMASTCO LTD here. Currently we are a team of 8 experts who provide online marketing consulting in various fields.

Dennis Hoinkis
Dennis Hoinkis
Managing Director
Dennis Hoinkis

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Aufgaben sind meist ähnlich, aber dennoch sehr individuell. That's why I take my time and make you a tailor-made offer.
For price orientation:
Senior Developer (en) from $25/hour
Writer $15/hour
Strategic planning from $60/hour


For all new customers, we can do a complete website check for free as a bonus. This goes beyond tools and helps you to reach further Google positions and thus capture more market share.


For companies looking for an expert to support them, I offer individual solutions that save time and money.

More success

Apply proven methods to help you achieve your goals.

Less stress

Implement your strategy simply by following a recommended course of action.

Low costs

Take advantage of my value-for-money support and gain an advantage in the market.

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