Marketing consulting
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  • ✓ Strategic planning
  • ✓ Operational implementation
  • ✓ Continuous optimisation

Do you know it too? You want to achieve more, but you don't have the time at the moment. This is exactly the situation in which I support companies with my marketing consulting in strategy, operational implementation and optimisation, so that they can quickly achieve success.



Use my marketing advice to achieve your goals quickly and easily.



Thanks to my many years of experience, I have tried and tested methods at the ready.



Save time and money and make a difference today.


What if... Imagine you had a marketing plan in hand and could immediately take action to increase sales or reduce costs. What would you like to implement?

  • Marketing plan
  • ROI Tracking
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Keyword Research
  • Rankings
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • E-Mail Marketing

Step by step

Under a marketing consultancy one often assumes that only a few small advertising measures are necessary, but an effective and sustainable increase in sales requires much more.

In the initial meeting, we establish the current situation with an short SEO check and technical SEO Audit, your goals and the budget, to which I then adapt your individual marketing strategy.

In the first workshop, I get to know you as a client, your products and services in more detail and the processes that are associated with them. In the workshop, we look deeper into the figures of the campaigns to see whether immediate measures can be derived from them. During the workshop we develop the first ideas of the strategy. You learn what is important and how we can reach your customers.

For analysis, I now need access to the figures and data. Shop system, web analysis, Search Console, possibly controlling and everything that helps. I also need the product or category contribution margin, which is fixed or percentage.

In the strategy, I present the individual marketing channels and how they work. Above all, what they need as an investment for testing and what I expect. Testing a marketing channel is essential to evaluate it and for further successful development.

In the conception phase, the landing pages are adapted to the target groups and personas. The content and design are constantly optimised by us.

In this step we test the marketing channels for efficiency. The marketing mix is also tested to see if it is an indicator.

The evaluation of the test now allows us to classify the marketing channel for the first time into A) profit, B) turnover or C) branding. Here we collect information that is important for us as marketing consultants and for further consulting. For our clients, consulting is a constant investment in their success.

According to the targets, the marketing channels are now optimised and taken to the limit. Our consultancy now enters the optimisation phase.

Your advantages

Your benefit consists of a plannable, stress-free, secure and above all time-saving service that provides you with direct results.


Successful marketing can be managed in a plannable way with predictable workloads for the entire company and its divisions.


Contractual assurance of deliverables, outcomes and costs as well as overarching NDA's with all parties involved.


Sit back and control your marketing! Activate or deactivate measures with just one click.


Through my many years of experience, you avoid mistakes and thus not only save money, but also time.

About me

My name is Dennis Hoinkis, I have been working in web development and online marketing since 1998 and have already successfully built up several agencies in Germany. I currently live in Cyprus and am a partner of GLOMASTCO LTD. We are currently a team of 8 experts who provide marketing consulting in various areas.

Dennis Hoinkis
Managing Director
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Dennis Hoinkis

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Tasks are usually similar, but still very individual. Therefore, I take my time and create a marketing consultation tailored to your goals. Ask me!
For price orientation:
Senior Developer (en) from $25/h.
SEO Experte (en) from $35/h.
Strategic planning from $75/h.


For all new customers, we can provide a free SEA/SEO analysis and recommendation for action as a bonus. This goes beyond tools and helps you to take up more positions.


For companies looking for a marketing consultant to support them, I offer individual solutions that save time and money.

More success

Apply proven methods to your business to achieve your goals.

Less stress

Implement your marketing plans without the unnecessary stress of resource planning.

Low costs

Use my inexpensive but successful services in marketing consulting and gain an advantage in the market.

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